What is the TTF?

The TTF is a celebration of human endurance and tenacity.

On July 22, 2018, athletes of all stripes will take on a uniquely urban triathlon on the downtown highways of Canada’s largest city.

Whether you are an Olympian, weekend warrior or someone looking to add a challenging event to your bucket list, the TTF is an event that will test your spirit and reward you immeasurably at the finish line.

The TTF is a celebration of athleticism at its finest and with both Sprint and Olympic Distance Races (and relay options), our weekend will serve athletes of all capabilities. We will bring together avid triathletes with those just beginning their journey in a supportive environment that celebrates healthy living and active lifestyles.

Interested in the Triathlon Ontario Junior Cup SeriesProvincial Championships? Age Group Draft Legal Sprint RaceWorld Championships Qualifying SpotsGlobal Swim Series National Championships? Good news – the 2018 will feature all of these.

Event Information

The TTF will play host to a Sports Expo on both the Friday and Saturday of our Festival Weekend. We moved the Expo to Ontario Place in 2016, ensuring the entire Festival Weekend took place at one race venue.

The 2018 Sports Expo will provide ample opportunities to catch the latest in fitness gear, fitness demos, meet with event sponsors and many other exhibitors who help our athletes take their fitness to the next level.

This will offer the perfect time to meet fellow triathletes in an informative and casual setting while attending a race briefing, if you so choose, and to pick up your race packets.

Exhibitors interested in learning more about setting up a booth should contact us at expo @ torontotriathlonfestival.com or at 416.520.3041.

The TTF Race Weekend concludes with our Finish Line Festival, featuring activities for the entire family.

The Finish Line Festival (and Finish Line Chute, for that matter) are located right beside the Transition Zone ensuring that vibe at Ontario Place is full of electricity – not to mention smiles and high fives.

In 2018, we will once again feature plenty of kid-friendly activities from, among others, YMCA and Gro Bikes, community offerings from the Toronto Police Service and Toronto Fire‎ – it’s amazing how much children love climbing in and on Police Cars and Fire Trucks!

We will also have the McCafe Truck onsite, to help combat the early alarm clock call, massage therapists, a couple of food trucks and, of course, the Steam Whistle Beer Garden.

The TTF Finish Line Festival provides a congregation area for athletes to meet up with their families and other athletes. And the festival atmosphere ensures that friends and family also have memorable experiences (even in their athlete support roles).

Unique Downtown Course

Athletes make Toronto’s urban core their personal playpen. The TTF is the only race using downtown highways – biking faster than you can drive during rush hour.

Pretty cool. Just saying.


Swim Route:

Ontario Place is the starting venue and transition zone of the TTF. The swim leg is in the protected water basin of the West Channel of Ontario Place. The water will still be cool, so in addition to a bathing suit, you’ll likely want a wetsuit.

We will offer in-water swim course familiarization opportunities on Saturday, the day before the races. As well, we will have swim warm up opportunities before the Sunday races begin.

Not confident in your swimming skills yet? See some of our swim tips.


Bike Route:

After completing the swim, you’ll cross a bridge and use parts of Exhibition Place to jump on the Gardiner Expressway via the Jameson Avenue entrance. After biking through Toronto’s downtown core, amongst the towering skyscrapers of Bay Street (Canada’s Wall Street), and passing landmarks like the Air Canada Centre, the Rogers Centre and the CN Tower, for Olympic Distance Racers, the route shifts to the Don Valley Parkway.

The unparalleled route will re-trace itself back south (on the Don Valley Parkway Northbound lanes) and back west (on the Gardiner Expressway Eastbound lanes), allowing for a return to Transition at Ontario Place.


Run Route:

The final leg of the triathlon takes you west along the Martin Goodman Trail, through many of Toronto’s waterfront parks, and then back east in the dedicated curb lane of Lakeshore Boulevard.

The cool Lake Ontario breeze will help carry you to the Finish Line, where thousands of spectators will cheer you through the finish line, where your “Magic Moment” awaits you at Ontario Place.


Transition Zone and Bike Racking Info

The Transition Zone will be set up in Lot 1 at Ontario Place. There will be ample room and good flow to avoid confusion.

Only participating TTF athletes are allowed in the Transition Zone. Athletes must be body marked (a process that takes place during the Race Packet pickup process). As well, to get into the Transition Zone, athletes must have a TTF Bike Number on their bike (such Bike Numbers to be disseminated during the Race Packet pickup process). Finally, to get into the Transition Zone, athletes must have an Official TTF Wristband. Please note, such TTF Wristbands are provided and PUT ON (a respective athlete) by TTF Volunteers during the Race Packet pickup process (during expo hours).

We take these precautions to ensure athlete safety and to ensure that all equipment (and personal possessions) stay with their rightful owner.

In the Transition Zone, as in the past, we rack bikes in numerical order based off of age group.

Ontario Place is located at 955 Lake Shore Blvd. West, Toronto, Ontario, M6K 3B9.


Links to Important Documents:

Olympic Distance Course Map

Olympic Distance Course Elevation Profile

Sprint Distance Course Map

Sprint Distance Course Elevation Profile

Bike Course – Getting from Transition to the Highways

Olympic & Sprint Distance Run Course

Distances, Minimum Ages & Accessibility

The TTF is a celebration of athleticism at its finest and with both Sprint Distance and Olympic Distance races (as well as relay options in both distances), our weekend will serve athletes of all capabilities.

We bring together avid triathletes with those just beginning their journey in a supportive environment that celebrates healthy living and active lifestyles.

There are four different ways to take part in our triathlon:

1. Olympic Distance (1,500 metre swim, 40 km bike, 10 km run)

2. Sprint Distance (750 metre swim, 20 km bike, 5 km run)

3. Olympic Distance Relay (teams of 2 or 3 compete relay-style, each completing a leg of the triathlon)

4. Sprint Distance Relay (teams of 2 or 3 compete relay-style, each completing a leg of the triathlon)

The minimum age for the Sprint Distance Race (including the relay) is 16 and the minimum age for the Olympic Distance Race (including the relay) is 18.



Triathlon Ontario Rules

The Toronto Triathlon Festival is sanctioned by Triathlon Ontario and as such, we abide by all regulations set forth by this governing body.

Triathlon Ontario lists 10 Key Rules, but for a more general look at the rules, please consult the International Triathlon Union’s Competition Rules Document.

For additional safety, the Race Director reserves the right to impose certain restrictions on the race course (e.g. specific no-passing zones on the cycling leg, etc.).

I. What is the date for the Age Group Races?

  • Toronto Triathlon Festival – Olympic Distance Race: Sunday, July 22, 2018 (1st Wave goes off at approx. 6:50am)
  • Toronto Triathlon Festival – Sprint Distance Race: Sunday, July 22, 2018 (1st Waves goes off at approx. 9:30am)


II. How do I register for the Age Group Races?

  • A registration link will be posted on the TTF home page once we open registration in early December.
  • Register early, as we expect to attract many participants, especially given the exclusive benefits we are offering to early registrants through the TTF Gold Member Club
  • No mail in registrations will be accepted


III. What is the cost for entry? Where do I find past results?

  • Info on entry fees can be found here and past results can be found here.


IV. What is the water quality like in Lake Ontario?

  • Toronto beaches score exceptionally well when tested on the “Blue Flag” system (the Blue Flag is an internationally recognized eco-label awarded to beaches that achieve high standards in 29 criteria including water quality, environmental education, environmental management, safety and services)
  • To read a recent article on Toronto’s water quality, please click here
  • To find out more about Toronto beaches’ water quality, please click here


V. I can’t race, can I get a refund? a deferral?

  • No refunds, no exceptions
  • You may NOT transfer your 2018 entry to another athlete
  • Only medical related deferrals will be accepted and must be requested by May 1, 2018 – there will be no deferrals processed beyond this date


VI. Do I need photo I.D. to pick up my race packet?

  • Yes, and PLEASE NOTE, only a specific athlete can pick up his / her own race packet
  • We enforce these rules not to be unduly cumbersome but to ensure that our overall safety and operational plans are as strong as they can be for you, our athletes


VII. I know someone who cannot race, can I use their number?

  • No – and if you do so, you will be banned from participation at all Triathlon Ontario sanctioned events


VIII. Do I need a Triathlon Ontario Membership to participate?

  • Yes – all individuals and relay team members must produce proof of current Provincial Federation Membership during the online registration process or you will be required to purchase a Triathlon Ontario One-Day Race License Fee ($8 for the Sprint, $8 for the Olympic) during the online registration process


IX. Can I have someone else pick up my race packet for me?

  • No – you must pick up your own packet or you will not be allowed to race


X. Can I bring my bike on the morning of the race?

  • Yes, bike drop off at transition for the Olympic Distance Triathlon will open at 5:30 am EST on Sunday, July 22, 2018, and will close at 6:35 am EST, 15 minutes before the Olympic Distance Triathlon begins
  • Yes, bike drop off at transition for the Sprint Distance Triathlon will open at 8:00 am EST on Sunday, July 22, 2018‎, and will close at 9:05 am EST, 15 minutes before the Sprint Distance Triathlon begins
  • There will be NO bike drop of Saturday, July 21, 2018‎; there are NO EXCEPTIONS


XI. What time does transition open on race morning?

  • Transition for the Olympic Distance Triathlon opens at 5:30 am EST on Sunday, July 22, 2018, and will close at 6:35 am EST, 15 minutes before the Olympic Distance Triathlon begins
  • Transition for the Sprint Distance Triathlon will open at 8:00 am EST on Sunday, July 22, 2018, and will close at 9:05 am EST, 15 minutes before the Sprint Distance Triathlon begins
  • Please note that your wave may be called down to the Swim Start Area in advance of the closing times (for Transition) listed above, so be prepared


XII. What time will transition re-open to allow athletes to collect their bikes and belongings?

  • Likely around 10:30 am, once the last Sprint Distance Race swimmer is out of the water, we will gradually allow athletes back into transition in small numbers at a time
  • We do reserve the right to keep transition closed until the last cyclist comes in at 12:30 pm EST
  • We appreciate your understanding and ask that you respect our volunteers who will enforce the timing of re-opening of transition – we take these precautions for athlete safety, not to be unduly cumbersome
  • Book your travel arrangements accordingly
  • We will not change this policy to accommodate flights, hotel check out, etc.
  • If you’re allowed into transition early and you interfere with a competitor still racing, you will be DQ’d


XIII. Are race briefings mandatory, as they have been in the past?

  • No, in 2018 the Online Race Briefing Program will be applicable to all athletes
  • We will disseminate this video the week before the race, and all athletes are required to watch this
  • We will still offer In Person Race Briefings on Race Weekend and strongly encourage those athletes new to triathlon or those who may be nervous or have questions to attend
  • NOTE: Race Packet Pickup still takes place at Ontario Place on the Friday and Saturday of Race Weekend, and is only possible with Photo ID. As well, only you can pick up your own race packet. No exceptions.


XIV. Why are there Race Briefings?

  • Due to the urban nature of our course and its inclusion of Toronto’s densely populated downtown core as well as the bike course comprising the highways, we are compelled, from an insurance and safety perspective, to empower all participants with as much relevant, course specific information as possible
  • As a large number of TTF athletes are new (or relatively new) to the sport, it is safer for everyone, including seasoned triathletes, to ensure that all participants understand the importance of the rules (and the importance of obeying them)
  • From year-to-year, while the bulk of the course will indeed be quite similar, there will be nuanced differences that need to be properly communicated (in an open forum) to ensure all participants are aware and understand said course changes, thereby maximizing safety


XV. My registration information is wrong, what can I do?

  • You must email registration@torontotriathlonfestival.com by July 9, 2018 in order to have your registration information corrected
  • After July 9, 2018, you must report to the Solutions Table at Athlete Check In (at the Sports Expo) to make corrections


XVI. Where do I pick up my timing chip?

  • Chip pick up will be place at Athlete Check In on race morning, not during the Sports Expo


XVII. Are recumbent bikes allowed?

  • No


XVIII. What time do awards start?

  • The Olympic Distance Race Awards Ceremony will begin at approximately 10:45 am EST
  • The Sprint Distance Race Awards Ceremony will begin at approximately 11:30 am EST


XIX. What if I find the water too cold? Do I have to do the swim portion of the race, or can I skip it and do the bike?

No, you cannot skip the swim, as the integrity of the race must be maintained. This is a condition of the triathlon federations who sanction and govern our races.


XX. What is the temperature cut-off where the swim will be canceled?

The TTF swim has NEVER been canceled.

There is more to it than just a temperature reading. For example, air temperature, among other things, is also taken into consideration. Having said that, the relevant water temperature that will be considered by the Triathlon Ontario Technical Delegate in making a determination regarding the swim, is 13 degrees Celsius.

A water temperature of 13 degrees Celsius is the temperature cut-off for the cancellation of the swim. A water temperature between 13 degrees Celsius and 14 degrees Celsius will result in a shortening of the swim for the Olympic Distance Race. However, both the water and air temperature are taken into consideration when the decision is made. Needless to say, the shortening or cancellation of the swim are not trivial decisions but are made with the best interests of the athlete in mind.


XXI. Will I get the chance to do an in-water warm-up before the start of the race?

We have made provisions for every athlete to be able to get into the water before his / her specific wave. Having said that, given the complexity of the venue and the number of athletes, this will be a closely monitored exercise that will only allow athletes to have an in-water warm-up immediately preceding your specific wave.

We also strongly encourage you to take advantage of the Swim Course Familiarization we offer on the Saturday of Race Weekend at Ontario Place.


XXII. Are wetsuits mandatory?

Wetsuits are mandatory when the water is below 14 degrees Celsius and forbidden when the water is above 22 degrees Celsius. In between, wetsuits are not mandatory, but are strongly encouraged, not only because of its ability to combat the water temperature but also because of its buoyancy properties.


XXIII. I don’t own a wetsuit, where can I rent one?

You can rent wetsuits at a myriad of retailers across the city, but two stores we would direct you to, as they are TTF Community Partners, are Endurosport and D’Ornellas.


XXIV. How / where can I get more practice doing open-water swimming?

Safety should always be your first consideration when practicing in open water. NEVER TRAIN ALONE. There are multiple clubs throughout the province as sanctioned by Triathlon Ontario. They regularly have events for all sports including some open water swim practice. Consider buying an open water floatation device. This is a great tool even when swimming with others. The float is tied to your waist so it doesn’t interfere with your stroke. It provides visibility to other swimmers, lifeguards, and boat traffic. When you need a break you can use it as a temporary “wall” to catch your breath.


XXV. Are thermal skull caps, neoprene hoods, gloves, socks or booties allowed for the race?

No gloves, socks or booties are allowed. But, skull caps and neoprene hoods UNDER the Official TTF Swim Cap are permitted.


XXVI. What medical support exists on the swim course?

We take the safety of our athletes seriously and as a result, we are proud of the TTF Medical Team. Rest assured, we have a good combination of experienced lifeguards, paddleboarders, kayakers and boats that comprise our water safety assets. In addition, we have an experienced medical team at-the-ready should they be required.

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