It’s A Lifestyle

In December, Google released the top 5 most searched diet terms in Canada. Among the predictable results were popular new eating regimes like the plant-based diet, ketogenic diet and apple cider vinegar diet. The Tom Brady diet also appeared, alongside the snake diet – which doesn’t sound appetizing at all.

As triathletes, we know how important a healthy diet is – not just to training and race performance, but also to recovery and overall well being. And, with only 59% of men and 24% of women in Canada getting at least 150 minutes of moderate-to-strenuous exercise per week, it’s important that we make other lifestyle changes to complement our diet and exercise plans.

We all live busy lives, but one way to get some time back is to explore online grocery shopping. Offerings like PC Express allow you to build your shopping list online or in the app and pickup your groceries two hours later. They’ll even load your order into your car when you arrive.

When you need to get the kids home to bed so you can get out for a training run, or you need extra prep time for your new snake diet, this small lifestyle change can make all the difference.

Of course, it’s not just food that you can order, and it’s not just the mad dash home that you can use PC Express for… Why not eliminate the stress now and build a TTF shopping list to pick up on July 21st? We recommend adding sunscreen, Band-Aids, water, a CLIF bar, lip balm, and even some extra shoelaces (just in case!).

So whether you’re looking to eat like Tom Brady, or get some extra time for a recovery swim, look at how technology can assist you to achieve your goals.If you’d like to try PC Express, use the coupon code TTF1 to receive $10 off your first shop of $50 or more.

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