Why is baseball considered a team sport? We know, statistically, that one teammate’s impact on another’s performance is negligible. This phenomenon turned into a best-selling book, which turned into a Brad Pitt movie (Moneyball, if you hadn’t already guessed).

Triathlon, on the other hand, is considered an individual sport. But we know that couldn’t be further from the truth. What about my husband? My kids don’t care if I have a bad training session, they smile from ear-to-ear when I walk in the door. My coach, masseur, physiotherapist, dietician, training partner, mum and dad, the bike shop owner, the sales guy from my sponsor, the kind old lady who let me hitchhike home with her when I ran out of inner tubes.

How am I to believe that this isn’t a team sport?

And I haven’t even mentioned the local community. Oh, the community! Whether you break the tape to win the race, or just scrape in before cut-off, they’re there for you. It’s getting dark, they should be going home to their own families, but they’re there, cheering for you – because they understand deeply just how one or two words can change your world.

How am I to believe that this isn’t a team sport?

Triathlon, it turns out, is a team sport. Every person that we come into contact with, whether we know it or not, has a direct impact on our performance. So while our names appear in the results as individuals, let’s not forget the team of people behind us that have allowed us to be where we are.

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