As the Toronto Triathlon Festival presented by Raymond James inches closer, your journey moves away from physical training and closer to race preparation.

As you start to taper, you’ll want to make sure you’re on top of the small details of triathlon.


Your Meals

Toronto in the summer is a busy place – there’s events, conferences, patios, family BBQs and soccer for the kids. One way to get some time back is to explore the vast array of online food ordering options available to you in this great city.

If you’ve walked past a street corner over the last year, you’ve probably picked up a flyer for one of the meal kit delivery services. It seems like there’s a new one every week!

These services allow you to pick chef-prepared meals from their list, and have the pre-prepared and measured ingredients delivered to your house. Chatelaine tried all of the major meal box providers and provided a comprehensive writeup earlier in the year. For the precise triathlete, having the exact amount of olive oil and spices sent to you might be an attractive proposition.

Toronto Life also broke down the best home-delivered grocery services for those of us who love cooking but also occasionally need some toothpaste or dog food as well. These grocery offerings allow you to build your shopping list on their site (or app) and have them delivered to your house for a small fee. Often, they’re on your doorstep within hours.

IDEA: why not eliminate the stress now and build a TTF shopping list to be delivered to your house the week of the race? We recommend adding sunscreen, Band-Aids, water, a CLIF bar, lip balm, and even some extra shoelaces (just in case!).

Lastly, there are the bicycle delivery services. Should you get home from your long ride and feel the need to have someone else ride to your house to bring you food, you won’t find a shortage of options there either. Uber Eats, DoorDash and Foodora are just a few of the cycling-powered meal delivery offerings available, and they’ll deliver you anything from Fresh (healthy) to McDonald’s (not so much).

Your Wheels

It’s easy to get swept up in the big details of triathlon, but overlooking the small details can result in mistakes that will leave you frustrated. If this is your only triathlon for the year, we don’t want you to leave frustrated.

Here are some quick things for you to consider before race day:

  • Are your tires in good condition and will you pack a spare wheel in your car on race day?
  • Can you spare some time pre-race to visualize and practice transition?
  • If you plan on freezing your water bottles before the race, how are you planning on making sure they’re unfrozen by race time?
  • Do you know the course?
  • Do you have a mental plan should you get a stitch or cramp during the race?
  • Should you spend an extra few dollars for that second pair of goggles?
  • Are your shoes comfortable enough to run in race conditions?


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