With the Toronto Triathlon Festival presented by Raymond James just over a week away, your focus is sharpening and your triathlon senses are tingling.

If you’re anything like us, you’ve already added more data to your phone plan so you can check the weather updates every 15 minutes.

As you go into race mode, remember that your experience doesn’t end when you cross the finish line.


Don’t Forget: Prepare To Recover

It’s easy for triathletes to get swept up in preparation and training, and completely overlook recovery. We get it, we love an icy cold post-race beer as much as the next person!

But whether you’re racing TTF as part of your season, this is your only triathlon of the year, or this is your first triathlon ever, it’s important to remember that triathlon is a physically intensive undertaking.

There are benefits to planning out your recovery so you can be back to 100% for whatever endeavour you’re chasing next – even if it’s chasing your kids around the yard.

Food and Drink

Often overlooked in favour of ‘physical’ recovery, your nutritional intake post-race can be a key factor in how you recover. While it’s preferable to spend your final days of preparation loading up on carbs, it’s often beneficial to increase your protein and reduce your carbs in recovery.

Think of having some chicken or turkey breast and an electrolyte drink before chowing down on a burger and beer at the TTF Finish Line Festival.

Compression Clothing

There are a lot of performance compression options on the market, but you may want to consider looking at the recovery options also.

In particular, certain compression tights can help with inflammation and toxin build-up in your muscles. Usually, your legs will feel ‘heavy’ after a race, but many athletes describe feeling ‘light’ when they wear specially-designed recovery tights.

We especially recommend compression clothing if you have a long drive home after your TTF race.


We tend to focus on the legs, but triathlon requires your body to use an extraordinarily large amount of different muscles. It’s easy to forget that your forearms prop you up on the bike, or your core provides power as you swim.

Luckily, stretchcoach.com has written a blog post specifically for triathletes, exploring some of the misnomers and giving examples of the best stretches both pre- and post-race.

By holding time and space for yourself to complete an adequate warm-down stretch, you’ll be on a faster path back to 100%.

Mental Health

After months of build-up, long rides, and lonely hours in the gym, make sure you take time to reflect, acknowledge your luck in being able to compete, and get some sleep.

Don’t forget to show some gratitude to your partner, family members and colleagues who have supported you on your journey.


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