RACE DATE: JULY 23, 2017
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Last Year's Schedule Highlights
Friday, July 8, 2016 (Last Year)
2:00 pm Expo Opens; and Race Packet Pickup Begins
2:00 pm Race Briefing I
4:00 pm Race Briefing II
6:00 pm Race Briefing III
7:00 pm Expo Closes
Saturday, July 9, 2016 (Last Year)
9:00 am Expo Opens; and Race Packet Pickup Begins
9:00 am Race Briefing I
10:00 am TTF Gold Member Event
11:00 am Race Briefing II
12:00 pm Mandatory and Only Draft Legal Race Briefing
12:00 pm Swim Course
Familiarization Starts
2:30 pm Race Briefing III
4:00 pm Race Briefing IV
4:30 pm Expo Closes
Sunday, July 10, 2016 (Last Year)
5:30 am Transition Opens for Olympic Distance Race
6:50 am RACE - Olympic Distance Race Starts
8:00 am Transition Opens for Sprint Distance Races
9:20 am RACE - Triathlon Ontario Cup Series Races‎ Start
9:30 am RACE - Sprint Distance Race Starts
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Draft Legal Racing Coming to the 2017 TTF

Draft Legal Racing at the TTFFor the first time, we will offer a Draft Legal Sprint Race.

There will be limited spots available, so sign up early.

This will also include an interesting team component.

To be clear, this will be a separate race from the regular Sprint Race and will feature two waves only – one male and one female.

Drafting on the bike will be allowed.

The waves will be capped at 50 per gender.

The Team Component Explained

A team will be made up of four people (of the same gender). Team members need not be part of a club to participate.

During the online registration process, members will need to list the team name – this will allow us to know who comprises your team.

The top three of four times (from each team) will be added together and this aggregated number will be the total team time (to determine winners).

(For clarity, all members of the team’s individual times count towards individual placings.)

 Draft Legal Team Racing Facts

  • Team draft legal racing is popular in Europe and the TTF wants to bring it to Ontario as we are always looking for ways to enhance the athlete experience.
  • Creates a race within a race (e.g., team members can work together, someone can play a “domestique” role, teams can strategize in order to play to each other’s strengths).
  • This team racing concept is set to make its debut at Triathlon Ontario’s Draft Legal Provincial Championships in August.

Please Note: For clarity again, this Draft Legal Sprint Race will be separate from the traditional Sprint Race that the TTF has always offered.

Please Note: Triathlon Ontario bike equipment rules for age group drafting are in effect, and will be enforced. This means time trial bikes, aero bars and disk wheels are NOT allowed – road bikes only.

Please Note: Here are some more specific rules (for this race) that differ from the typical non-drafting race:

  • One Men’s Wave and one one Women’s Wave, open to Age Groupers, aged 16 and over.
  • No drafting certification required
  • No disc wheels, no aero bars of any kind
  • Bike must have drop down handle bars
  • Swim cut off of 20 minutes and a bike cut off of 60 minutes (measured from the time of the swim start).
  • See graphic below for more details:

Draft Legal Bike

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