RACE DATE: JULY 22, 2018
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2017 Schedule Highlights
Friday, July 21, 2017
2:00 pm Expo Opens; and Race Packet Pickup Begins
2:00 pm Race Briefing I
4:00 pm Race Briefing II
6:00 pm Race Briefing III
7:00 pm Expo Closes
Saturday, July 22, 2017
9:00 am Expo Opens; and Race Packet Pickup Begins
9:00 am Race Briefing I
10:00 am TTF Gold Member Event
11:00 am Race Briefing II
12:00 pm Mandatory and Only Race Briefing for the Triathlon Ontario Cup Series Races
12:00 pm Swim Course
Familiarization Starts
2:30 pm Race Briefing III
4:00 pm Race Briefing IV
4:30 pm Expo Closes
Sunday, July 23, 2017
5:30 am Transition Opens for Olympic Distance Race
6:50 am RACE - Olympic Distance Race Starts
8:00 am Transition Opens for Sprint Distance Races
9:20 am RACE - Triathlon Ontario Cup Series Races‎ Start
9:25 am RACE - Age Group Draft Legal Sprint Race Starts
9:30 am RACE - Sprint Distance Race Starts
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Swim Course Tips

Don’t Give Open Water The “Cold Shoulder”

By Jason Hervey of TRI-TRAIN coachjas@tritrain.ca @tritraincanada

Living in Ontario we fall victim to a condensed racing season from late May until mid-September.  Since there’s really no point complaining about it (can’t change it) the only option is to embrace this fact.

I actually prefer training throughout the winter, putting most of my hard work in over those long dark months.  Come springtime, it’s like a release into the wild, a free-for-all where the fruits of your labour start to thrive.  At least that’s on the bike and the run – we still have to wait for open water swims a little longer.

Can’t you hear those still glass lakes calling:“Take the plunge”, “Make me ripple”?

Soon triathletes, soon…

My first suggestion takes inspiration from the 1993 Disney classic Cool Runnings.  If you’ll recall, our heroes the Jamaican Bobsled Team spent time acclimatizing in the tiki-bar walk-in freezer (note: in no way do I condone actually spending time in a freezer).  The point here is that over the weeks ahead of their departure to Calgary, the team slowly built a tolerance to the elements.  Brilliant!


Starting now, begin to lower the average temperature of your daily shower (hey, your hot water bill may just come down too).  At the end of your time, crank it all the way cold.


Start with 5 seconds.  Notice what happens to your heart rate, your breathing, your muscle response.  Slowly over the next few weeks keep lowering that average and keep increasing the duration of the  “cold shock”.  See if you can get it up to between 2-5 minutes.

How have those reactions changed?  Breathing calm?  No hear rate spikes?  Muscles relaxed?

Most likely your body will get used to it – it may even crave it!

I’m not going to talk about the benefits of post workout ice-baths in this article, but add decreasing inflammation to the building of mental toughness and BAM, we’ve got ourselves a pretty “cool” tool to deal with early season lake temperatures.

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