The Six by Cody Royle

A couple of years ago I went to see Seth Meyers do standup at the Sony Centre. One of his opening jokes was “Toronto, I love it here, I’d like to visit again when you’re done building it!” It was an inside joke by an outsider, but all 3,000 Torontonians in the audience could share in it.

Yes, we live in a constant state of construction. Yes, we only have one highway for 5 million people to get downtown. And yes, we complain about the heat, and the cold, even though neither is that extreme.

But we also have a mass participation triathlon in the middle of July that closes lanes on that same highway. We gladly sit in the top deck of the Rogers Centre in the summer and watch our Blue Jays. And we all pitch in and shovel each other’s driveways when the snow does get a bit extreme.

Toronto is our city, and we love it.

We’re at the forefront of things here. The first NBA game was played here. Insulin was invented in Toronto, as was the whoopie cushion. TIFF is globally recognized. The Leafs got John Tavares just because it’s Toronto. Cervélo and Roots were created here. And all of Drake’s music videos are produced in a converted old house on Dundas West.

As Phil White reminds us in this week’s TTF Podcast, Toronto and southern Ontario have historically been one of triathlon’s hotbeds, too. In the early 1990s, California, Chicago, Queensland and Toronto were at the forefront of a crazy sport that was about to take off.

We’re the Centre of the Hockey Universe, but we’ve also been the Centre of the Triathlon Universe.

So, while we complain about it, I hope we don’t stop building Toronto.

We’re creators here, and creators are constantly looking for things to make better.

Cheers to Toronto.

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