3 SPORTS IN 1:  Why Multi-Sport?

Swimmers swim, cyclists cycle, runners run, but we do all three. Single sport athletes will supplement normal routines, but triathletes are doing it constantly. The benefits of cross training include:

  • Spreading stress around your whole body
  • Helping minimize injury (reducing the risk of repetitive strain)
  • Decreasing boredom and monotony
  • Increasing options on otherwise busy days!

GOAL SETTING:  I Race Because ____________________.

Everybody has his or her own personal goal. Possibilities include:

  • Survive (finish)
  • Learn, experience something new
  • Prepare for longer distances
  • Get fit
  • Something else I can’t think of because it’s YOUR personal goal, not mine!

Write down your goals early on so that when you’re faced with a challenging obstacle, physical or mental, you can remind yourself why you’re doing this.

MENTAL TRAINING:  The Invisible Discipline.

I believe ANYBODY can participate in endurance multi-sport.

All it takes is commitment and patience.

This coincides greatly with the above section and goal setting. Just completing a race or becoming a podium finisher may take time to accomplish. Whatever the goal, it has to be realistic. The other factor, above and beyond the physical limitations, is what lies between your ears.

Believing you can finish and the self-commitment it takes is key to achievement and performance. Maintaining focus takes incredible strength so don’t discount the need to work on your attitude as part of your training.

By TRI-TRAIN Coach, Jason Hervey


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