RACE DATE: JULY 22, 2018
Days Hours Minutes Seconds
2018 Schedule Highlights
Friday, July 20, 2018
2:00 pm Expo Opens; and Race Packet Pickup Begins
2:00 pm Race Briefing I
3:00 pm Elite MTR Race Briefing (first of two offered for Sat races)
4:00 pm Race Briefing II
6:00 pm Race Briefing III
6:30 pm Elite MTR Race Briefing (second of two offered ‎for Sat races)
7:00 pm Expo Closes
Saturday, July 21, 2018
8:00 am RACE - Elite Mixed Team Relay (CAMTRI Continental Cup, Single Wave)
9:00 am Expo Opens; and Race Packet Pickup Begins
9:00 am Race Briefing I
10:30 am RACE - Elite Mixed Team Relay (Nat'l Champs / TriCan Development Series / Prov Club Champs)
11:00 am Race Briefing II
12:00 pm Mandatory and Only Race Briefing for the Triathlon Ontario Cup Series Races
12:00 pm Swim Course
Familiarization Starts
2:30 pm Race Briefing III
4:00 pm Race Briefing IV
4:30 pm Expo Closes
Sunday, July 22, 2018
5:30 am Transition Opens for Olympic Distance Race
6:50 am RACE - Olympic Distance Race Starts
7:45 am RACE - Global Swim Series Canadian Championships - The Toronto Mile
8:00 am Transition Opens for Sprint Distance Races
9:20 am RACE - Triathlon Ontario Cup Series Races‎ Start
9:25 am RACE - Age Group Draft Legal Sprint Race Starts
9:30 am RACE - Sprint Distance Race Starts
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Triathlon 101

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By TRI-TRAIN Coach, Jason Hervey
(coachjas@tritrain.ca; @tritraincanada)


EVERY triathlete has a “my first triathlon” story.

If it’s a middle-aged parent of 2 or an elite cyclist turned swimmer / runner, you have to start somewhere. Why does this matter? Because ya don’t know until ya know. And that’s okay. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

You’re going to feel way less embarrassed if you ask what to wear under your wetsuit than if you just assume everyone comes into T1 (transition one) in a naked free for all.

Chances are you are not alone, so ask away…

CAPTAIN OBVIOUS? Not Necessarily

What is triathlon?

  • One of the most common questions asked by those not familiar with the sport is: “What’s the order again? Is swimming always first?” Yes, swimming is always first (we don’t want exhausted people in the water). Biking is second followed by a run to the finish.

What is the distance?

  • Well, that depends on the race / venue. Below are typical race distances:

    Try-a-Tri: Swim, 350 m; Bike, 10 km; Run, 2.5 km
    Sprint: Swim, 750 m; Bike, 20 km; Run, 5 km
    Olympic: Swim, 1500 m; Bike, 40 km; Run, 10 km
    70.3: Swim, 1900 m; Bike, 90 km; Run, 21.1 km
    Iron: Swim, 3800 m; Bike, 180 km; Run, 42.2 km

  • The TTF, on Sunday, July 22, 2018, offers both Sprint distance and Olympic distance options.
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