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Through the TTF Gold Member Club, we recognize our loyal returning (and new) athletes, offering interesting and relevant programming and, importantly, we aim to promote and grow the sport we all love.

We have created 350 TTF Gold Member spots for 2019, so register early if you don’t want to miss out! And if the popular vintage TTF Gold Member Tech Tee is your thing, please note that only the first 250 athletes will receive this exclusive item for free!

In 2019, the estimated value of a TTF Gold Membership is $400! Check it all out in the table below!

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FREE TTF Gold Member Perk or Event Estimated Value
1. TTF 1-Day Training Camp
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Hosted at the Toronto Athletic Club

  • Choose between two sessions
  • One for Elites / Sub-Elites and the other for Intermediates
  • Dates TBD – to take place on a Saturday or Sunday, likely in the February / March timeframe
  • Each session will only be offered on the specific date chosen in consultation with the Toronto Athletic Club.
2. TTF Indoor Triathlon
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Rip It Up at Inaugural Event!

  • Date TBD – to take place at the Toronto Athletic Club on a Saturday or Sunday, likely in the April / May timeframe.
  • Will only be offered on the specific date chosen in consultation with the Toronto Athletic Club.
3. Exclusive TTF Event at Steam Whistle Feat. Olympic Champ, Simon Whitfield and Phil White, Co-Founder, Cervelo, Among Others
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Meet Past and Present Sports Luminaries and Others!

  • Simon Whitfield, Olympic Champion and TTF Ambassador, will tell you about a new triathlon format he’s spearheading. It’s pretty cool, just saying.
  • Phil White, Co-Founder, Cervelo, and his wife and author, Anna Dopico, will talk about her book “To Make Riders Faster” and discuss among other things, the early days of this iconic Canadian brand.
  • Rami Alhamad, CEO, Push, will tell you how his Toronto-based startup is revolutionizing the way athletes train.
  • Date TBD – to take place on a weeknight in downtown Toronto.
4. Preferred Access to TTF Packet Pickup –
Skip Long Lines!
5. Expedited Access to TTF Transition Zone – Reduce Pre-Race Stress! $25.00
6. Priority Access to Post-Race Food –
Get Much Deserved Munchies First!
7. Vintage TTF Gold Member Tech Tee
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Look Stylish As You Train!

  • After the first 250 free shirts are spoken for, the remaining 100 will still be available for purchase by other Gold Members, for $5.00.
  • Estimated value of $15.00
  • For clarity, these shirts are in addition to the TTF Athlete Shirt that all participants in the 2019 TTF will receive.

8. Race Number Tattoos
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Look like a Pro!

  • Only available if an athlete does not switch his / her Race Category after March 30, 2019. For clarity a Race Category is the choice between participating in the Olympic or Sprint Distance Race.
  • For relay teams, all members will receive race number tattoos.
9. Free Sports Magazines
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Receive Two Copies and Follow Your Favourite Sport!

  • Your choice of Triathlon Magazine Canada, Canadian Cycling Magazine or Canadian Running.
10. 20% Discount on TTF Photo Packs N/A
11. 10% Discount on TTF Merchandise N/A
‎Approx. $400

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