This year’s TTF will be my first time competing in a triathlon. My inspiration for signing up comes from my friend and coach, Nancy (aka “IronNan”).

In 2013, Nancy completed her first Ironman and I completed my first 5k race. Knowing that Nancy had just earned her Ironman title, I eagerly asked her if she would coach me as I worked towards my goal of finishing my first half marathon. I was beyond excited when she agreed, and since then, she has continuously coached me through countless races including my first Around the Bay 30k Road Race in 2015.

To this day she continues to support, guide, and inspire me going into the TTF this summer. There are many reasons why Nancy is my inspiration for competing in the TTF. She is without a doubt the reason why I have become a successful athlete. She has taught me that determination is far more important than any time or distance, and that if I do the work, I will reap the reward!

More importantly, she has selflessly given me the gift of an active life and unknowingly, helped me find my confidence. When I think of embarking on a new goal, she is the first person I tell about my big dream, and she is the first person to help me start planning how to achieve it.

I cannot wait to share this accomplishment with her because I know she has been secretly hoping for me to do a triathlon since the very beginning of my journey!

As proud as I am of myself for how far I have come, I am way more excited to make her proud as I cross the finish line at the TTF – upright and smiling!

Coach IronNan, this one’s for you!

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