Impossible and Crazy

It’s the challenge of triathlon that draws me to them.

For two years I sat on the sidelines and watched a friend train and compete. Each race he did sparked my interest a little more.

Could an Average Joe like me really do something like this?

I honestly thought that a triathlon was impossible and nicknamed him the hulk because in my mind only super humans could complete a triathlon!

In the end, it was my friends who inspired me to go after it… and do the impossible!

I didn’t know how to swim, my bike was dusty and full of cobwebs and the thought of running after any other activity made me want to vomit in my mouth a little bit. Just being honest.

It took me longer than I thought, but I eventually learned how to swim. I dusted off that bike. And oh yeah, while running used to be the love of my life, it had suddenly become ridiculously hard!

I was slow in all three disciplines, but it didn’t matter. I was becoming the crazy person I once admired my friends to be and was proving to myself that I really could do it!

In short, I persevered.

Last year, I completed the sprint triathlon at TTF, an experience I’ll never forget. It was by no means perfect – it was both humbling and challenging but I did it, and I completed the whole course beaming ear to ear!

I was bitten by this triathlon bug that day and wanted more!

I’m chasing down the Olympic at TTF this year. I’m excited for the longer routes and to take in the breathtaking views of my city. How many triathlons take place in the centre of a major city? I’ve spent more hours on the Gardiner stuck in traffic than I care to admit, so being able to cruise down it on my bike is bittersweet!

I LOVE triathlon. I’m still new to the sport and have a ridiculous amount of things to learn but I love everything about it. The lifestyle, the training, all the little technical details, the different groups I’ve become a part of, the new friendships I’ve formed. All of it.

It’s not the races but the journey (to them) that has brought so many positive changes to my day to day living. I’m happiest when I’m training because I eat better, I sleep better, I have more energy and I deal with stress in a much healthier way than I used to.

It’s the everyday people around me that I draw inspiration from. Not the Olympian or the National Champion, but the people I talk to on social media about training, my friends who meet up with me to cycle away summer mornings, my coach who spends ungodly hours on the pool deck teaching me, my family who fully supports whatever crazy thing I get myself into, and the community of people surrounding triathlon who have guided me along the way.

These are the people who inspire me to do triathlon, to chase down the impossible, to live my life everyday and to chase down my dreams!

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