Every year since its inception (except for 2013 when I was nursing an injury), I have competed in the TTF. I do it for a few reasons, but mainly:

  • To keep facing challenges and remind myself that I am capable of overcoming my fears and anxieties;
  • To enjoy the camaraderie of the triathlon community;
  • To continually improve on areas of weakness and build on my existing skills and abilities;
  • To honour my father as well as my body’s current state of health by participating in physical challenges. My father Leo, died in 2010 from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). He was a master scuba diver, science teacher, vice principal and a great cook, among other things. He loved to scuba dive and had multiple specialty certifications (e.g., night / ice / wreck diving) but he lost complete mobility within 6 months of his diagnosis and had to constantly learn how to adapt to his body’s deteriorating condition.

Whenever I have moments of dreading my training or feeling like I can’t face another anxious start, I think of my Dad and am immediately overcome with gratefulness for all the amazing, myriad things my body can do.

I may not be the fastest triathlete out there, but I am out there.

I am incredibly appreciative of my current privileged state of health because I know it is not guaranteed, nor is it entirely within my personal control.

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