Over the last decade, Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, Batman, Ant-Man, Deadpool, Superman, Captain America and Ironman have all had their origin stories told on the big screen. Origin stories detail how each superhero got their powers, like Peter Parker being bitten by a radioactive spider. Before they find success, we usually see the hero fumble around for a while as they get used to their newfound abilities.

In our world, triathletes are the superheroes and they all have origin stories too. Our stories are of learning to unclip, navigating transitions, testing nutrition and discovering DOMS for the first time. It is these origin stories that bond us, turning nervous first-timers into lifelong triathlon addicts.

Did you know:

Nathan Killam didn’t know you aren’t supposed to lock your bike in transition;

Liz Blatchford was unsure of how to pee during a race;

Steph Corker felt like a sausage in her racing suit;

James Capparell frequented a port-o-potty during his first full-distance race after trying a new race-day drink;

Jen Annett first raced in a waterskiing wetsuit;

Lionel Sanders was obsessed with hydration and once drank 10 litres during a race;

Rachel McBride knew how to swim, bike and run, but was completely unnerved by transition;

Emma Pallant fell off her bike after not unclipping properly, cornered with her inside foot down, missed the lead pack because she stopped to put her goggles on, got a penalty for taking her helmet off before racking her bike in transition, stopped mid-run for a toilet break while on TV, and ran out of transition with her helmet still on.

These are some of the best triathletes in the world!

The Toronto Triathlon Festival brings together the full gamut of competitors, from Olympians and avid triathletes to those just beginning their journey. Together, we create a safe, supportive environment where participation and tenacity are held in the highest possible regard, and everyone can find out their own origin story in safety.

We have a distance and level for everyone who wants to give triathlon a go, and we hope to see you on the 22nd of July.

Photo Credit: @innervoice.life
Athlete: Nathan Killam

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