Last summer I completed my first triathlon, the sprint, so when it came time to register for my 2017 event it seemed natural to “level up” and commit to the olympic. I was eager to push myself in training and test my endurance. However, December turned into January, January turned into February and February turned into March. You see where I’m going with this? I take complete ownership of my lack of proper olympic-preparedness (Note: there may be there are some folks who can easily jump into an olympic tri; however, I don’t feel I’m one of those people!). The winter got the best of me, work and other commitments held my focus, and I simply got carried away with other athletic endeavours. I know, “Excuses, excuses, Melanie”.

So here I find myself a couple months out from the TTF, and resigning — or “resigning” — to doing the sprint again. I’m pretty bummed, and honestly feel as though I’ve let myself down. Hopefully I’ll take this as a lesson and can better ready myself next year.

So while I’ll be doing the sprint for the second time, I will be trying out something new. It took me a while to realize this, but did you know that not every single race has to be a race? Heck, NO races have to be a race! This isn’t the “Capital O” Olympics, after all.

My focus this time around is to have fun. Of course, I’ll do as much as I can training wise with the time that’s left, but it’ll be interesting to see what a shift in perspective will do for me.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, or stressed, or wondering “What did I get myself into?”. Don’t. Let’s have fun! Let’s celebrate this awesome event, the long-awaited summer, movement, community and our beautiful city.

See you smiling on the course!

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