One Qualifying Spot each will be up for grabs in the Olympic, Sprint (non draft legal) and Sprint (draft legal) Races.

Qualifiers will be able to represent Canada at the 2020 World Championships in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

For clarity, there will 1 spot per age group, per gender, in each of the above mentioned TTF races.

How to Qualify for World Championships Qualifying Spots (from Triathlon Ontario)

All interested athletes must be Triathlon Ontario members or members of their home Provincial Governing Bodies if not from Ontario, PRIOR to competition.

All athletes looking to compete for a spot must submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) prior to each qualification event. An EOI page will be set up by Triathlon Canada specific to each province with the list of qualification events and disciplines.

Athletes will be charged $20 to submit an EOI which will be treated as a deposit for those who are successful in obtaining a spot and will be deducted from their Team Management Fee as part of their official confirmation to the team. The $20 fee will be non-refundable for athletes who are unsuccessful in obtaining a spot. However, it may be applied to a charity entry instead. Successful athletes will be notified by Triathlon Canada directly.

Unclaimed spots will be rolled down no more than eight spots within an age/gender category.

Results are adjusted to determine appropriate five year age categories based on competitor’s ages as of December 31, 2020. The age adjusted results will be used to determine the automatic qualified athletes, who will be notified by Triathlon Canada directly.

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