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Staying Active

RJ LWL Challenge – General Background


  • ‎Our regular fitness / activity routines have been upended

  • Our new o‎nes are still being formulated (if at all)

  • ‎Some are using online tools from gyms; some are running and still others are just busy chasing kids around

  • ‎Bottom Line? We all need to ATTEMPT to stay active (within reason) and try to maintain a sense of HUMOUR while doing so


RJ LWL Challenge Goal – Stay Active and Have Some Fun


  • The RJ LWL CHALLENGE involves 6 "oldies, but goodies"

  • Aims to keep you somewhat active - not trying to qualify you for the Canadian Olympic Team

  • Use the exercises below as FUN ways to stay engaged with your colleagues

  • TRY‎ to maintain your fitness and health levels AS BEST YOU CAN under these UNIQUE CIRCUMSTANCES


RJ LWL Challenge Objective – A (Not So Serious) Way to Measure “Before & After” Fitness Levels


  • In six weeks time (or week to week, for that matter) where do you stand re the exercises below?

  • Are you about the same? better? worse?‎ And remember, there's no wrong answer here... it's just a challenge, folks. For fun. For engagement. For each other. 

  • Keep track of your progress using this LWL CHALLENGE WORKSHEET


RJ LWL Challenge – The Exercises

​(Refer to the TTF videos for tips on the following exercises)



RJ LWL Challenge – Prizing


  • ‎Jamie will determine the "exercise of the week" each Monday

  • ‎Submit a short video or picture (through WeTransfer to Jamie) of you doing the exercises (with your family, if you want) to be entered into a draw for a prize pack from some of the TTF's sponsors

  • ‎Submit a short video or picture each week (for the 6 weeks of the RJ LIFE WELL LIVED CHALLENGE) to be entered into a draw for a prize pack from some of the TTF's sponsors

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