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I. Arriving On Venue At Exhibition Place (Bandshell Park)

Approximately 1 week before the event, you will receive an email providing an arrival time likely 25 to 30 minutes before the specific wave time you choose during the registration process.


This is when you should arrive on venue. At this specific time, you will be allowed into the designated staging area for Run X.


If you arrive prior to this provided time, please stay in your vehicle or in an area where you can safely maintain physical distance until it is time to move in to the staging area.

II. Admittance to the Staging Area

The staging area will be for participants only.


This is where you will pick up your race bib (through a streamlined process that allows for physical distancing).


There will only be approximately 75 athletes per wave, so there will be an abundance of time to facilitate this process, especially with the help of plenty of officials and volunteers, so you will not feel rushed (if you arrive on time).


There will be washrooms in the staging area.


Please note that there will be no baggage check at this event.


Current Public Health guidelines require masks be worn and physical distancing maintained in the staging area. We will review these requirements closer to race day.

III. Athletes Escorted to Start Area

A race official, supported through clear communications from our race announcer, will guide athletes to the start line (from the staging area) to begin your race.


Please listen carefully to the instructions provided by the Run X team on race day to ensure everyone remains safe and is able to enjoy themselves.


Indeed running together again is a moment to celebrate but please remember that others may have different levels of comfort than you in the current environment.

IV. Race Wave, Time Trial Start

Run X will feature a time trial start with multiple waves over the course of the entire race day.


Officials and announcers will ensure that this process is well communicated and staged efficiently, so there is no need to worry if you’ve never participated in an event featuring a time trial start. It is simple and straight forward.


There will be water in the start area but you are encouraged to bring your own hydration if that makes you more comfortable.

V. The Finish Line

Once you cross the finish line, please keep moving even as you celebrate your achievement.


Post race, you will receive a finisher’s bag that will include water, snacks as well as your Run X branded face mask and Run X branded medal.


If you require it, a medical team will be on hand to provide any support you might need.


Please continue through the finish chute and avoid gathering in and around the finish area.

VI. Post Race

Unfortunately Run X is not permitted to offer any post race activities this year.


We look forward to adding beer gardens and the like, going forward. You can expect much more engaging offerings in the years to come.

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