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HYBRID TTF Race Period: Fri JulY 9 to Sun July 18

  • Virtual triathlon and duathlon options

  • Olympic, Sprint and Try-A-Tri distances

  • Virtual triathlon and duathlon options


  • Public Health guidelines permitting, join us and other TTFers for a new take on triathlon

  • Will include a 45 minute session with a cool Yoga / DJ setup at Cabana, a high end event space with beautiful views of Toronto’s waterfront

  • Will also include a uniquely fun session at Cherry Beach - you'll swim out to the TTF canoe, enjoy a "coffee shot" on us, pose for your personal "Insta Pic" (that we'll post to social), before you head back to shore

  • You'll also be part of a socially distanced group run, where we can celebrate coming together responsibly

  • If we aren't able to congregate, or for those who can't attend in person, the Yoga / DJ session will be streamed live to our Facebook Page


  • Cabana Pool Bar, overlooking the lake and the city's skyline, is unlike anything you've seen in Toronto

  • TTFers will have exclusive access to this unique event space

  • Cabana will leave a lasting impression on you, especially as we bring it to life with DJ Dijon and Yogi Brittany as part of our unique take on triathlon on Sunday, July 18, 2021


  • Since 2009, Brittany has been an avid yoga practitioner

  • She teaches classes at 6 different studios around Toronto, including Chi Junky Yoga Studio, Mula Yoga, BeHot Yoga, Afterglow Studio and Sweat & Tonic

  • Brittany centres her own practice and her teaching around connecting movement to breath and cultivating a deeper awareness of one's self

  • She strives to help her students find a larger purpose in their yoga practice, that goes far beyond the physical 

  • She is excited to work with TTF athletes at Cabana, using the tranquility of the setting mixed with cool beats from our DJ


  • On Monday, July 12 at 6pm EST, learn the Origin Story of the THAT TRIATHLON LIFE brand, as Foreign Rider’s founder, Ralph Dunning, chats with Ironman Champion, Paula Findlay, and her partner, pro racer, Eric Lagerstrom

  • Got any burning questions about the technical side of the sport? On Tuesday, July 13 at 6pm EST, Cody Beals, pro triathlete and "certified nerd" - his words, not ours!! - will have your answers! Whether it's about equipment, training, recovery or anything else, there are no stupid questions. For example, "Are super shoes worth the hype?", "Are shaved legs faster?", "What the heck is a two-beat kick?"

  • On Wednesday, July 14 at 6pm EST, listen to Dr. Greg Wells talk TRAINING & PHYSIOLOGY with Olympic Champion, Simon Whitfield. They will also discuss the latest thinking on the neurophysiology of recovery and regeneration. How slowing down helps you to speed up.


  • Join our TTF community runs this Sunday, July 11 at 8:30am as part of the Hybrid TTF festivities!

  • In MIDTOWN, Run Leader Michael will meet you at the Starbucks at the corner of Castlefield and Castleknock (444 Eglinton Avenue West) for a comfortable 10K out-and-back run through the Beltline and Moore Park Ravine. 5K (or short turn) options are available.

  • In the EAST, Coach Tara Postnikoff will meet you at the new entry pavilion to Tommy Thompson Park. You’ll do a quick group dynamic warm up and then set off for a casual 5k. For those wishing to do 10k, you can do the route twice.

  • In the DOWNTOWN area, Coach Heather will meet you at her studio, Kardia (10 Lower Spadina) for a flat 5k along the waterfront heading towards Ontario Place, and the TTF start line. For those wishing to do 10k, you can do the route twice, or continue along to a turnaround shared at the start of the run.

  • In the WEST, Coach Bryan will meet you at the Grenadier Café parking lot in High Park. For those who want to stick around post run, you can grab a great brunch at this café. Bryan will lead a 10k with some options for a 5k as well.

  • While you can use these runs to build your own Virtual TTF race, these will be more about having fun and getting together safely again with our community.

  • These runs will all start at the same time - 8:30am on Sunday, July 11 -  to create the feel of the larger gatherings we are all craving so badly!

Virtual TTF Race Safety Tips

  • Adhere to prevailing social distancing guidelines while you are out completing the legs of your race. Can you safely pass someone? Can you run, walk, bike safely on the road? Make sure you always have a safe way to move around people to maintain 6 feet of distance. **

  • Complete your run on a treadmill, or your bike on a trainer, if these are options preferable and available to you.

  • Wear appropriate clothing. Be visible and dress for the weather.

  • Bring water and/or nutrition if you think you need it. There will be no water / aid stations along the way in a virtual race.

  • Carry a cell phone with you during your virtual race and te‎ll someone the route you're running or biking in case of an emergency.

  • Participants choosing to participate in the Virtual TTF do so at their own risk. You are solely responsible for participating in this event in a manner that is in accordance with the most recent and up to date health and safety recommendations of the government and public health authorities in your area.

  • We encourage all participants to remember that we all have a role to play in stopping the spread of COVID-19, and that anyone choosing to go outside and into their community must take responsibility for doing so in a manner that is safe and responsible.

    ** Follow the advice of your local public health authority, to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

Where Can I Complete My Virtual TTF Race?

Wherever you are! The joy of competing in a virtual race is that you can start it right outside your front door. Please follow the guidelines outlined by your local government (and local public health authority) regarding running, biking and swimming outdoors to ensure you are keeping yourself and your community safe. For example, follow normal street lights and traffic regulations like any typical solo training run or bike you would do.


  • DJ Dijon plays to the masses and unites various genres, making his versatile style very hard to match

  • He loves to drop acapellas with other instrumentals and mash up genres to create a unique experience for the crowd

  • Ever since 2009, when DJ Dijon emerged with a sudden boost through various DJ competitions, many have been noticing him, and it has been a domino effect that hasn’t stopped rolling

  • Inspired by hip hop from a young age and being integrated with EDM more recently, DJ Dijon is capable of being a one man band, curating memorable and emotion-laden experiences

  • DJ Dijon is in demand internationally and has opened for the likes of Dada Life, Calvin Harris and Jazzy Jeff

  • We can't wait for DJ Dijon to enhance your yoga experience at Cabana with his immense talents

Communicable Disease Disclaimer (Triathlon Ontario)

The Participant and/or the Participant’s Guardian understands, acknowledges and assumes the inherent risks in participating in the Hybrid TTF, including the potential for bodily injury or illness, including contraction of COVID-19 and contact or interaction with others who may have been exposed to COVID-19.

Current Communicable Disease Guidelines & Safety Info (Triathlon Ontario)

For current COVID-19 guidelines in Ontario please visit the following:

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