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2020 TTF Cancelled due to COVID-19

May 20, 2020

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We hope you’re staying safe and healthy.


Thank you to everyone who has reached out recently. Your kind words mean the world to us.




Ten years ago, a downtown Toronto race seemed an impossibility. But we made it happen. Together.


Three months ago, the prospect of not racing in July was off the radar. But we’re set to deal with it. Together.


In that same spirit of continuing to build together, we’re working hard to create a memorable TTF Virtual race experience for you.




We promised to lay out the way forward this morning.


So, for those currently registered for the 2020 TTF, you will have the following options:




OPTION A: Virtual TTF Race Package


  • Automatic entry into Virtual TTF in July

  • TTF “Triathlon Together” tee shirt

  • TTF “Triathlon Together” swim cap

  • TTF buff neckwear

  • Virtual TTF swag is in addition to items listed above

  • Virtual TTF race, programming details to be released shortly




We recognize the virtual race won’t work for everyone. In such cases, we will defer you:




OPTION B: Deferral to 2021 TTF


  • In early June, we will circulate the official deferral procedure including a link from our online registration partner (to streamline the process)




Over the years, we’ve had to be scrappy and resourceful to turn the TTF vision into reality. As a result, we’re more than ready to take on this new virtual challenge.


We hope you’ll continue to believe in us. We’re confident you’ll like what we’re pulling together.


We can’t wait for you join us. Be well.



Jeff and the TTF Team

May 18, 2020


These are trying times. We hope you’re staying safe and remaining positive.


We’re beyond disappointed we can’t deliver a race this July.


Almost a decade ago, I began lobbying politicians to gain access to Toronto’s downtown highways for the urban triathlon I dreamed of creating.


When we received a green light from City Council in 2011, that was step one. In early 2012, Simon Whitfield flew in to help officially launch the TTF.


It was a proud moment, no doubt, but it also was the point where I realized: “Wow. This is really happening.”


Along the way, I’ve cherished building relationships. And while I haven’t met everyone, I’m grateful for the ongoing support from people like you.


In short, you are the TTF.


We’ve hosted the Test Event for the Pan Am Games as well as National and Provincial Championships, among other milestones, over the years.


But above all, we’ve loved seeing age group athletes, weekend warriors and ordinary Joes and Janes alike do their “thing”, turning Canada’s largest downtown core into a personal playground.


The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc the world over and is having a particularly devastating impact on the most vulnerable.


To a far lesser extent, it is also creating difficulties for folks like me and some of you.


The TTF has 1 full time employee as well as 3 part timers. We rely heavily on a dedicated group of adult volunteers and contract workers. In this way, the TTF is every bit a small business.


Why am I telling you all this?


Well, the reality of putting on a triathlon is complex – operationally, politically and financially.


To that end, even though a traditional TTF won’t take place in 2020, we’ve already spent a good deal on things like ongoing contracts, athlete incidentals, venues, appearance fees, marketing and communications.


We’ve taken pride in growing the TTF prudently to ensure its long term sustainability. And we want to continue to establish it firmly well beyond 2020.


In short, and without mincing words, if we were to defer all 2020 athletes currently registered (to 2021), this would be a financially difficult task.


In the spirit of continuing to build something special together, we’re working hard to create a unique virtual race (with a festival feel) this summer.


We recognize that this virtual race (and associated swag, programming, etc.) won’t work for everyone. In such cases, we will defer you.


But we respectfully and humbly ask you to consider the sentiments herein before invoking the deferral option. We’d be grateful for your understanding – we’re trying our best to continue your 2020 triathlon journey in creative ways.


We will provide more specific details on options and the way forward for all athletes currently registered for the 2020 TTF on Wednesday morning.


Stay healthy.



Jeff and the TTF Team

May 15, 2020


At this time, along with everyone else, we must do our part to prioritize our community’s health.


We’ve all been affected (in various ways) by COVID-19, and as such, we must continue to work to support each other through these difficult times.


To this end, and in compliance with the City of Toronto’s recent statement, the Toronto Triathlon Festival will no longer take place on Sunday, July 19, 2020.


It is imperative that all entities (and individuals) enact every action possible to mitigate the virus’ impact.


The decision by the City of Toronto (to cancel events with over 250 participants through the end of July) is a necessary one.


We fully support the City’s and public health authorities’ decision to prioritize our community’s health.


While we won’t be able to host a traditional TTF, we’re working hard to deliver a unique virtual triathlon festival in the summer and perhaps an in-person event later this year, if possible.


We want to keep you engaged and excited about your triathlon journey and hope you'll find a way to participate and keep the TTF spirit and community thriving.


More details will be shared over the coming days, so we appreciate your cooperation and consideration in holding off contacting us right now.


The TTF is ever grateful to our athletes, volunteers, partners and community stakeholders who have continued to support us during this challenging chapter.


We want to specifically thank Raymond James for its generosity and understanding.

We also want to express our ongoing extreme gratitude to those working on the front lines of COVID-19.


We hope you all remain healthy and respectfully encourage everyone to stridently follow public health instructions to protect one another.


To you and your families – please stay safe.


(We'll be in touch again Monday morning.)



Jeff and the TTF Team

April 11, 2020

We continue to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic closely as things change on an ongoing basis.

We continue to think about all those affected (around the world) and would like to express our ongoing thanks to those who are working tirelessly to keep us as out of harm’s way as they can.

We also continue to speak with local stakeholders, venues and agencies to stay as abreast of the evolving situation as we can. At the moment, with the TTF still more than two and a half months away, we continue to be cautiously optimistic about staging the 9th annual TTF weekend (July 17-19, 2020).

Our communication with the above stakeholders will continue and we will provide more updates when we have new information (likely mid May) or as otherwise advised by the City of Toronto.

We are concurrently working on contingency plans should‎ we not be able to proceed with our traditional formats (or at all, for that matter). We will elaborate on these when and if these options require consideration.


Please know that the health and safety of our athletes, coaches, officials, volunteers, staff and spectators are top priorities of the TTF.


We are also in frequent contact with participants, partners, suppliers and even other event organizers. In light of such unusual and unpredictable circumstances, it is certainly gratifying and reassuring to see the triathlon community working together and looking out for one another.

We hope you and your family stay safe. Be well.


Jeff Chong (Founder, TTF)

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